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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Those reading would be ideal, but your own tests have shown that for satisfactory reception the signal strength can be lower, and the SNR can be as low as 18 dB (15.5 dB at 0 NM is minimum). I do agree with them about the errors.

Maybe, but it would be more expensive than necessary.
Thank you for addressing this! I told them I felt like it would be quite difficult for all OTA users to get to those levels to which they replied that they were sure there was equipment that would do it.

What I wasn't sure about is whether an increased SNR strength number correlated to no error messages (RS Uncorrected and RS Corrected numbers). That's a big reason why I wanted to know if those numbers they suggest are realistic.

While Tivo has the most superior OTA DVR, I feel their customer support for OTA users is lacking.
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