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Originally Posted by corvairbob View Post
sounds like i'm in a fix. what i will do is point the antenna in the se and scan for channels and then move it to the ne and see if it will keep the channels i try to enter, there may be a place in the menu i missed i will get the book and double check and if i can't find any reference i will see if i can locate a proscan forum and ask them for help thanks.

what would be needed to make the cable headend to be able to point 2 antenna in different directions. is there a diagram on the site i can look at with parts listings.?
Yeah, it could be a shortcoming of your TV. If you can afford it, I would recommend the Insignia brand of TV. Inexpensive yet they have a good tuner for over the air viewing and it will hold your channel in the listings for you even if you can't receive it at that time.
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