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I installed the DB4e on the roof. I definitely need to get the pre-amp up there soon.

Like my original post said, I had a wal-mart amp in the line to the TV. When I've done previous tests, I just left it there. It was about 4 feet away from the antenna in the attic. When I put the DB4e on the roof, 30' away from the amp, I actually lost signal strength & quality... which really disappointed me at first, before I removed the amp from the line. After that, the signal shot up slightly below my in-attic results... without the amp.

So, based on what little I know about these configurations, I think I over-saturated the tuner. That is possible, right? The amp I had said it pushed 24db of gain, down-line gain at that. The pre-amp would be only 12db of quality gain, allowing me to turn the antenna further away from the Louisville channels, and more towards Lexington, while still maintaining a strong signal on the priority channels.
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