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There could be any number of issues at play.
The outdoor antenna could be overloading the tuners
on KCNC and KDVR. This could cause the issues you
are having. Did you "walk" the outdoor antenna on
your roof before deciding where to mount? TV and radio
signals often take different paths even when the transmitters
are emanating from the same point. I would try re-positioning
the outdoor antenna. Try moving up/down on the mast, try
pointing a bit north/south of the transmitters. Remove the
antenna from the mast and "walk" the roof with the antenna
in hand. Someone will need to be watching your tv/signal
meter. Are there trees between you and the transmitters?
You may need to go above the tree line. The Winegard 7694P
IS a good antenna and a good choice for your area.
I'm certain others will come up with many other possible issues
for you to address. Good Luck!
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