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He would need splitter that passes power through both ports, right? Does such an animal exist?
Yes, you can buy one at Walmart. Every splitter on retail store shelves that I've examined that are labeled for "satellite" use are diode steered DC pass, regardless of their packaging or labeling.

Can the CM-7777 power inserter supply enough current to power two pre-amps?
The CM7777 would probably have to go. Too much gain for a hybridized, multi-amp system. Some amount of additional research would be needed to optimize the system. There are ways to power multiple amps off a single power supply/inserter, some assembly WILL be required as will careful selection of components. Keep in mind that there's no "free lunch".

He would also need a UVSJ that passes power through the UHF side (or passes power through both ports and put a DC-blocker on the VHF port), right?
As an example, our UHF/VHF combiner (UVSJ) already does both of those.
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