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91XG or DB8e

Hello all,

Here is my tvfool report:

Here is my original thread for reference:

Here is a flow chart of my setup:

This setup worked great until RF19 started their repack process and has lowered power. Since this has happened, reception is very poor, but it is still watchable, sometimes. RF19 is eventually moving to RF25. After that RF44 is moving to RF19 and back to full power, RF23 is moving to RF16, and RF49 is moving to RF22. I will have 2 RF22s in opposite directions when this happens. All this is supposed to happen by the end of 2018. Fun times.

Anyway, after the repack, my highest frequency will be RF28. Do you think I should change out one or both of the 91XGs to increase gain at these lower UHF frequencies in an attempt to make RF19/RF25 watchable, or will I lose directional capabilities and get too much multipath interference? Is there another option you would suggest?

Thank you for your advice!

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