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Need Help in Northern Utah County

I have installed the RCA ANT751R Outdoor Antenna Optimized for Digital Reception (Amazon link), but I only get 1 HD channel (Univision) and 2-3 Analog channels depending on how I point the antenna. The antenna is on the old Dish mount 30 feet up in the corner of the roof (had to use a 30-ft extension ladder to get to the dish mount). I used a compass on my phone to point it and I don't see any difference in the reception of the few channels I get and I don't get any more channels no matter how I turn the antenna.

The TVFool Analysis said I would only receive a couple strong channels so I'm not surprised by my results. Is there any way to improve the number of channels I can receive? Would a pre-amp make any difference? Different antenna?

Also, what if several of my neighbors want the same setup? Does that affect my reception?
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