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Good UHF digital antenna for my area?

I searched all the local stores for the antenna you recommend, but none have 4-bay. There is a Clear Steam 2, a ChannelMaster 3000A, and several directional options. I prefer local, because returns are easier, but I'm now willing to look at ordering online.

My parents had an old, big, outdoor, directional TV antenna and mast which I tried, it worked great for all the available VHF stations (Real 8, 10, and 12), no matter which direction I point it, and even with over 100 feet of non-amplified coax.

Some more research shows that I'm only interested in adding the following available channels:
UHF 20 @255 degrees, -43.6dBm
UHF 28 @250 degrees, -47.5dBm
UHF 14? @250 degrees, -80.2dBm (or UHF 18 @286, -55.6dBm)
There are a couple @309 that might be of interest, but a low priority
One @219 is not of interest.

I have a UVSJ joiner. I'd prefer to not use an amplified antenna, for simplicity. I definitely don't want a rotor.

With these narrowed requirements, is the recommendation still a 4-bay UHF, or should I go with something more directional? Is 8-bay better, the cost difference is not much to me? My budget is $120 and I have no neighbors or wind issues.

Thanks for any insight.
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