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Antenna(s) for Eagle River Valley, Alaska?

I've read several threads on this forum, it seems that each situation is fairly specific. Any help with my situation would be appreciated.

Does anyone have a suggestion on the best antenna setup to receive over-the-air TV from (apparently) three groups of repeaters at azimuths from my location of 286-309 degrees, 250-255 degrees, and 219-230 degrees; with signal power at my location in the -37.6dBm to -80dBm?

Mountainous region, with LOS to the antenna, maybe some trees in the way. House elevation is maybe about 400 to 600 feet above the transmitters,

The current plan is to connect one TV, but I may also connect a DVR to it in the future.

I have no HOA restrictions. I can place the antenna on the higher roof, 35 feet above the ground, if needed to avoid the trees, but this would need a 100-foot run of coax between the antenna(s) and the TV. Not much wind in this area, but a good amount of snow.

Thanks for any help.
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