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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Hello, Richard

Your previous TVFool report is no longer on the server:

and a current TVFool report isn't accurate:

but a report using the search map is more up to date:

You are in a poor location for OTA reception, Richard. If you click on Transmitter Distance in your report, you will see how the terrain blocks the signals. Reception will rarely be 100% reliable for most channels.

Yup. If I go by these reports, I should get ZIP. Even the coverage map of WMHT's Illinois Mt transmitter (10 miles away) excludes my street!!

However, with decent antennas & some careful positioning, I manage to RELIABLY pull in 4 stations from CT (3 UHF + 1 VHF). This has kept the 'Boss' happy, and the local Cable company out of my wallet.

WFSB's signal has been mysterious since day one. Between the minute to minute fluctuations and the level reduction in daylight, It always seems to behave like a short-wave signal, rather than a UHF frequency. All the other stations provide a pretty stable level.

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