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I've been told by my electrician friend that my house, currently grounded from the breaker box to the main water line, should be upgraded to a ground rod.

He said, the idea initially was that a water line was better because of the distance it was under ground. However, an anomaly in the plumbing (especially in an older house) can turn the ground into a live wire through a faulty appliance. Which is exactly what I experienced when my sump pump shocked the crap out of me through the washing machine water (sump pump since replaced).

However, my main service is not located on my is located on the utility pole that feeds the line into my house. I think they did this because we live on a farm and they wanted to connect it to the large barns we have on the property via underground lines.

My electrician friend recommends having him or someone else come over and install a ground rod and connecting to the breaker box; which I would then connect my grounded antenna system to.

I can locate the ground rod by the utility pole on my main service, but it is about 100ft away from my antenna tower. Would it be better to stretch a buried ground system with multiple rods to reach the main service 100ft away or attach the tower to my newly installed house ground attached to the breaker box?

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