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Hey Rabbit

heh i can tell you one thing don't do

use a CM7777 injector to power a 7777 and a RCA TVPramp1

Burnt out my RCA doing that

But I run two 7777s off my one injector about a 50 foot run and through a power passing splitter that combines both my antennas

and then I snapped the connector off my 7777 when I attached some coax heh

I just resoldered that with a new connector yesterday and tested it last night.. works. Got lucky

haven't measured the power at the amps/antennas .. probably should .. but its working for now

hope all the regulars are doing well here.. i get here once in a while but I am mostly on Reddit .. hope the site is doing well . and the owner... never really heard that story..

anyway just passing by heh

Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post

I thought there was something wrong with my signal level meter, so I substituted a CM7777HD at low gain:
Gain: 17 dB; right where it should be.

My meter is OK, the RCA preamp isn't OK.

I can't recommend the RCA TVPRAMP1 preamp.
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