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Grounding Question

I live in a 50-year old house that has an existing antenna tower outside. I have used my DB4e antenna inside and would like to install it outside, on the tower with another VHF antenna, for better reception but I understand proper grounding is very important.

I've been reading as much as I can and see that most recommend you ground to your home's electrical service ground. This is where my question comes in...

My home's ground is in the basement and it goes directly from my breaker panel and attaches to the water line coming into the house through the basement wall. I've had a few grounding issues at the house and have someone coming by to take a look at it.

After speaking with a few electricians I know, they recommend I ground my antenna/tower to a ground rod instead of the house ground on the water line. Good idea, bad idea? I really don't want to put the house at risk and would appreciate the feedback.

For clarification: I will be installing two separate antennas (DB4e and MCM-2476) on a tower (not directly on the house). The past owners dug a pvc line underground and into the basement wall from the bottom of the tower for the coax feed; I figured I would use that instead of drilling through the side of the house. Given the information, I planned on mounting the two antennas on the tower, joining them with a combiner, grounding them to a ground rod after the combiner (if that's OK), grounding the tower to the same ground rod, then pulling the coax line in after that.

Also, would it be wise to attach my grounding blocks to the antenna tower since it is about 5ft away from the house? Feel free to pick these ideas apart. I appreciate the info.

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