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Tv Antennas and Reception

KOIN-DT is Real UHF channel 40 , KATU-DT is Real UHF channel 43 , and KRCW-TV VHF low band channel 5 is a fill in low power transmitter , KRCW's main transmitter is UHF channel 33 and UHF 33 is easly received at your location. The importance of knowing Real digital Tv Channels and Virtual digital Tv channels . . Next subject - Being that the antenna is in the attic , here is some important information. Attic locations reduce the amount of signal received , if the roof is any type of metal or foil backed insulation the signal will be reduced or blocked. If the roof is composition type singles - when the singles are wet the signals will be reduced. If the siding on the house is any type or kind of metal the signals will be reduced or blocked. If the house has brick from ground to roof the signals will be reduced. . For a attic installation I suggest a Winegard HD7696P antenna , for a roof top antenna I suggest a Winegard HD7694P antenna. . Here is how to point tv antennas ,

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