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Signal strength questions

Below is the link to my signal strength report. As you can see, all of my channels are almost the exact same direction. (Those few that are not aren't ones we get in this area anyway.)

Signal Strength map

My problem: I have periodic drop out of some channels. Specifically, the 8.x, 12.x, and 10.x channels. Looking at the map, I can see that all of these are in the "green".

Configuration: I have three televisions (Hauppage HVR-2250 dual-channel and two Vizio VW22LHDTV10T), connected through a four-way splitter (one input, four output), to an Antenna Direct ClearStream 2 mounted in the attic and aimed at the proper location indicated on the map.

Question #1:
Is my understanding correct that a splitter will reduce signal strength to each of the end points? That is, a four-way splitter will effectively reduce the signal strength to 1/4 to each end-point.

Testing seems to bear this out. I disconnected the two Vizio TVs and worked with adjusting the antenna while checking signal strength from the Hauppage tuners. I got it to where it was consistently strong for all channels -- even those where I had been experiencing drop-out. After I reconnected the Vizios, I again checked signal strength on the Hauppage tuners and found that the three channels I noted were now less than excellent -- sometimes good, sometimes not there at all.

Question #2:
Would purchasing an additional antenna -- or even one for each TV be a solution? Or would purchasing some type of amplifier be a solution?

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