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Thanks for the reply. On my remote, I can scroll to self diagnosis. Then select on signal strength. When I do that, it just shows a generic bar graph which indicates the selected channel is receiving what appears to be the maximum signal strength (10 bars I think). I know with HD reception, it's basically all or nothing. So all of my channels (which I receive are great).

I know there's sort of a 'cliff effect' with digital/HD signals unlike the old analog days. However, I have no way of knowing the exact decibal strength of each channel. At the moment, it's not really important. However, this issue obviously becomes relevant if a person makes any modifications to the coax, such as adding splitters, or running any other intermediary devices between the coax at the antenna outside and the final point where the coax meets the television.

I've got some stations 30 miles away and other ones 70 miles away. At this time, they all look the same as far as great picture clarity.
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