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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
I'd expect it's going to get a lot messier as the repack progresses. All of the facilities operating on channel 38 and above must vacate those channels. And, since none of the translators (and other LP-class stations) are even guaranteed a post-repack channel, it's fairly likely that some will disappear completely and that the remaining ones get packed even tighter into the remaining channels, increasing the rate of co-channel and adjacent channel interference. Since this class of operator does not enjoy any interference protection under the rules, the mess will not get better.
Agreed. I've done some studies and found that in almost every case,
low band VHF will be used. There will be even more co-channel interference.
Invariably, some channels will simply disappear. Trying to find as compact
as possible antenna capable of RF 2-36 or Rf 2-51 is impossible.....
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