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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
My interpretation, based on the antenna patterns and the City of License for each facility, is that KAET intends K42AC to cover the Cottonwood side of Mingus Mtn and for K43LW, located on Mt Francis, to cover the Prescott side.
Unfortunately, K43LW on Mt Francis, is only 1kw and is severely
hampered by the hills and terrain of Prescott. Additionally, there
is another RF43 on Bill Willaims Mtn about 40 miles away. Many areas
have LOS to Mingus and Williams but not Mt. Francis. That is why it
is imperative to capture K42AC. There is another PBS translator in
Flagstaff on RF14 but it cannot be received because there is also a
translator for KUTP, RF 14 on Mt Francis, here in Prescott.
It is what you could call " A MESS."
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