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If your reference is to Tv receiving antennas.

The omnidirectional antennas such as the , , MS1000 / MS2000.

Reception is the same now as in the past.

The advantage of a omnidirectional antenna is reception from all directions.

The disadvantage is omnidirectional antennas receive reflected signals , multi-path from all directions.
A Analog Tv picture , the reflected signals can be seen on the Tv screen as multiple images of the origionl image , called ghosts.

With Digital reception , the picture breaks up into blocks.

The issue , then and now is Signal Quality.

If Signal Quality is High , a low to no amount multi-path reflections the a omnidirectional antenna can work Ok for Digital Tv reception because Digital broadcast Tv tuners have built in equilizer computer circuits that correct the multi-path up to a certain degree.

The signal gain of a omnidirectional antenna is about the same as a simple dipole or loop antenna , so reception is local to midrange distance , strong to moderate signal strengths.

The understanding of electromagnetic communications is about the same now as in the past.


A 'New' type of communications is being experminted with now.

Gravity Wave Communications.

Do not laugh or discount.

Many people in the past said there is no such as electromagnetic communications and humans will never fly.

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