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Neither of the antennas that you have suggested is ideal for your situation: most of the stations that you are looking for are on UHF: only PBS and ABC are on VHF: the rest are on UHF. All are very weak signals at your location. The Sacremento stations appear to be the best bet for you to see any reception, and I suggest using a 2 antenna solution, an AntennasDirect XG-91 UHF antenna along with a Winegard YA-1713 VHF high-band VHF antenna mounted on the same mast. The XG-91 should be mounted 4' above the YA-1713 on the mast. Connect the two antennas together using a Channel Master Titan 7777 preamplifier, which has separate VHF and UHF inputs, allowing you to easily join the signals from the two antennas. This combination is superior to any single all-channel antenna that you can buy, and is actually less expensive than the Winegard HD-8200 or Channel Master Crossfire 3671. You can add a rotator if you want to try for the stations from Chico and San Francisco, if you like, but I expect that you'll have the best results with Sacramento.
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