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...Also SWR is very good compared to 8 bays I've seen models of
(SWR >3 near the ends of the band)...
As I have started to work with 4NEC2 modeling software, I've seen how bandwidth narrows (ie. SWR increases more quickly as you move away from Fc) when more tuned elements are used in an antenna design. With a panel antenna, all the elements are of a common length so a sharper 'cut off' seems intuitive to me, just like a filter network. However, The GH designs demonstrate that a complex, moderate to high gain broadband solution can be produced. Presumably, the NARODs detune the 'filter' effect of the primary active elements.

I agree that for DIY dish project, a relatively simple, compact active element at the focal point of the dish would be compellingly practical.

No disagreement here... Ken Nist's work at hdtvprimer is appreciated.
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