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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Yes, I see one of YOUR clearstream 2v antennas shown on Qiaohua's
website. Imagine that!!!!!!!!
That would be news to us. They don't have anything to do with our ClearStream antennas and you're not seeing one of OUR C2V antennas.

Someone in China (probably Qiaohua) was knocking off the C2V a couple of years ago and selling through a US dealer on Amazon. Our attorneys took care of the US-based dealer regarding that model but I wouldn't be surprised if the manufacturer was still promoting it elsewhere in the world. you're probably seeing an image of a knockoff that, at first glance, looks like our design. A much closer look would show the cosmetic details of the loops were modified (angular instead of a smooth circle) so it looked a bit different.

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