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Originally Posted by Pete Higgins View Post
I’m not sure that the programmable “digital display” 3-wire rotors employ two synchronous motors (one in the control and one on the mast).
Yes, I'm not sure either.

From what I’ve been able to gather, the control unit has a counting or “timing ckt.” that calibrates itself to the time of travel from 360 deg. to 0 deg...
The well-known Channel Master rotator and clones essentially use the synchronous motor in the control as a timer. So, it could be in newer units that a timing function is implemented in a smaller or less costly circuit.

When it gets really badly out of sync,...I’ve had the digital display read over 40 before reaching the CW end of the rotors travel. ...

I do hear a slight hum ...that sounds like a good indoor project on these 100 deg. days.
Yes, for the curious mind there is always a project.

Seems unlikely that a timing motor would be used with a digital indicator, when a timing circuit could be smaller and probably less expensive.

I haven't used, or looked at circuits of, any of the newer digital indicator rotators, so my comments are speculation.
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