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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
Well, Lets try this again, took too long and got logged off!

Here's the update since 2016, I have been using both antenna arrays.
Hello again, Bob; good to hear from you.

A lot of my images aren't showing in this thread because my former image host, photobucket, refused to show them in posts unless I started paying them; I switched to another image host, imgur. Here are two photos of your antenna system that others might like to see:

Reception has been good. Rotators are seized, with little hope of any help from Channel Master.
The CM rotators don't hold up very long; you would have to go to a ham rotator like the Yaesu G-450A Medium-Duty Rotator Systems G-450A, which would be more reliable but more expensive.

Here is the Dropbox link for the videos I shot today during the 50+MPH winds. We had a gale warning today, 60MPH winds at the max.
I see some still images, but I don't see a video.

My biggest complaint is that I want to combine both arrays easily. Using two boxes sucks and since I already use two boxes in my home theater, it's fine for me but a pain for all the other TV's in the house. I would like to have some kind of box that blocks unwanted weak signals from each direction. Maybe like a Jointenna. I have been told that there are companies that make them.
Right from the start I tried to encourage you to stick with just one direction like Chicago to keep it simple, but when I saw that you were determined to have reception from two directions, I tried to help you with that.

There are other ways of combining from two directions, but none of them are easy. I can list them if you want to see them.
P.S. Thanks to Rabbit73 for getting this post rolling. IN fact his help got mer through the whole project before I was approved to join TV Fool.
Thank you for your kind words; I was glad to be of some help
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