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Here's my 2 cents.

Are both the house and barn fed using triplex from the pole? If so, they are considered two distinct systems, each of which need their own ground which is best done at the house using a ground rod PLUS the water pipe.

If the feed goes from the pole to the first barn and then to the house you should have a 4 wire connection from the barn to the house with both a ground rod and water pipe connection at the house. In this case the breaker panel in the house should have TWO buss bars inside, one for the white neutral wire and another for the bare ground wire, ground rod, and water pipe. The 2 buss bars MUST NOT be connected to each other. The neutral buss bar must be insulated from the steel backing of the breaker box.

Either way, the tower should be grounded directly at the base of the tower with its own ground rod and then the coax should be connected to the house ground as soon as it enters the house.

Local codes may have a different take.

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