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The correct device to combine a UHF antenna with a VHF antenna is not a splitter in reverse, it is a UVSJ (UHF/VHF Separator/Joiner), also known as a UHF/VHF combiner or a UHF/VHF Diplexer. A UVSJ looks like a splitter, but it is very different inside.

The RCA TVPRAMP1FR has separate UHF and VHF inputs, so you do not need a UVSJ, just set the switch to separate. That switch has a history of causing problems; sometimes it doesn't make good contact with the VHF antenna in the separate position. If that happens to you, set the switch to combined, and combine the two antennas with a UVSJ before the preamp input.

The quality control for the RCA preamp isn't very good, and some fail early because of power adapter problems. The one that I have been testing for the AVS Forum is now giving me different voltage and current readings than when it was new. I have ordered another one, even with the new higher price, to try to figure what is normal for that amp.

I only recommend it for people that understand it isn't as reliable as other preamps.
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