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My questions are what kind of dielectric grease should I use, and is there anything else I should do while I'm up there, considering I probably wont have access again for several years?

Hi jrgagne99: I use and would recommend Coax-Seal. It will stay put on your connections as long as you need it and does come off fairly easily when you want to remove it. I've only read a very few posters across the Net not liking it. The link below will give you their information and you can buy it off Amazon as well. (I am in no way affiliated with Coax-Seal. Just a hard core OTA enthusiast offering a tip).

As far as dielectric grease goes, I use Caig DeoxIT D5 spray to improve conductivity. But that's just been my preference. Although they do have grease too. Someone else may have the "cat's meow" on grease. You can find them at:

Stay safe up there in the trees and please post back your results as I would be interested in seeing how everything came out.

All the best!

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