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Yes and you should probably

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
It means that the station currently transmitting on 25 will go off the air and they will become a "guest" on the "host's" post-repack channel and will be treated like a sub-channel as far as your tuner is concerned.

"Channel sharing" is exactly what it says. There will be two stations on one signal, sharing the bandwidth under the terms of their contractual agreement. The guest will pay the host for the right to use an allocated portion of the channel's bandwidth.
Yes and you should probably start seeing low band vhf as well.
Up north in are neck of the woods in Boston and New York city.And so on
And that is why the Fcc.suggest you buy a combination hi&low band vhf/uh F like the 8200u.
Outdoor tv antennas not just a uhf or hi vhf outdoor tv antenna like the
DB8,the HDB91 and the antennas Direct,91XG,so dount cut your self short
When getting an outdoor tv antenna and I suggest that you use RG,11,for
Best results in installing an outdoor tv antenna,good luck and if you
Dount believe me go to Fcc, .com good luck with your antenna set-up and
What you choose to do.

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