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Yes On the solid signal HDB91 side by side 3ft apart feed line's the same length and
Beside free shipping on the HDB,91 I did and it work's well you will be happy with it
I was!!lol with my 150ft tower receive of channel's was right on the money lol
And yes one feed line for vhf&one for uhf and I suggest you use RG11.for best results.
Lol good luck with your antenna set-up and be safe on the roof and look out for power lines when installing an outdoor tv antenna!!!
PS,or maybe you should just go with the Winegrud,8200U
With a channel master 7777amp..And for get about that
OTHER mess and I am sure you will be happy as a pig,in
And up north look out becuse BROADCASTING station for all
Of Boston Mass and so on for Over the aire Broadcasting
That thay say is going too nock your soxs off lol and besides
In this neck of the woods the fcc suggests that you use a combow outdoor tv antenna like the 8200u.I hope this put's
A good spin on things and up north dount for get the channel master 7777amp becuse their is no worries about over load.
With all IT'S Montana and so on lol

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