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The Channel-sharing arrangement took effect last week. WNNE (real 25, virtual 31.1, NBC) which had the exact same content as WPTZ (real 14, virtual 5.1, NBC) ceased broadcasting from its tower on Mount Ascutney. On WPTZ's bundle, virtual channel 5.2 (CW) is gone- it has moved up to 31.1 on my virtual dial and now shows a WNNE word-mark at the top of each hour. So essentially, WNNE is now a CW affiliate instead of an NBC affiliate. Inspection of the channel 31.1 signal on my Sony Bravia shows it is being broadcast on Real-14 (WPTZ's frequency), which I guess is the essence of channel sharing.

At the end of the day, I personally didn't lose any programming content, since I was receiving both WNNE and WPTZ signals. But anyone who couldn't get WPTZ in my area (the vast majority of folks) essentially lost their NBC affiliate when WNNE stopped broadcasting locally as part of this "Channel Sharing" arrangement. Kind of a bum deal.

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