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Wbng-dt2, wnyi

WBNG is listed on my signal analysis. WBNG-DT2 isn't. It's a CW station that shows up on 12.2. WBNG which does show up is CBS and is 12.1.

Similarly WNYI is listed, but I don't get it. When I check online, Wikipedia says it no longer broadcasts over the air.

WJKP-ld shows up on my report. its number is 48.2. It broadcasts something called My 8.

WSKA-DT is listed, but actually is a repeater sending out WSKG. Both are PBS. They have 3 channels. WSKA runs on 30.3,30.4,30.5.
WSKG runs o 46.1, 46.2, and 46.3.

46.1 is WSKG-HD
46.2 is WSKG-2
46.3 is WSKG-3

I also get WQPX which you have listed as Ion 64.1.

That's correct, but I also get 64.2 which is Qubo. 64.3 which is IONLife, 64.4 which is Shop, 64.5 which is QVC, 64.6 which is HSN.

Hope this helps.
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