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Now there is content in the signal on RF39.

39.1 is the video for classic arts show case, no sound. It ways 39.1 WLPX.
39.2 is video for what looks like local content, no audio. 39.2 WMJF
39.3 and 39.4 show up on the HDHR but not the LG TV. On the HDHR they both show color bars.

At one point, TV fool had a CP for WMJF's digital signal on RF19, but that was not allowed because of LM constrictions. Now TV fool does not have the WMJF CP, but rabbit ears does have the CH39, and it appears something is on the air.

It looks like a new channel is coming to Baltimore.

(As an aside, Classic Arts Showcase is still on RF16 in analog)
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