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It's been awhile, and we are still limping along on our 1992 model analog TV and haven't done anything on the antenna/new TV purchase yet due to some other financial priorities. So we're still using the $10 per month broadcast cable service with our ancient TV. It's funny, now when you press the power buttons on the TV, it stops working, but I can get it working again by fiddling with the buttons using some needle nose pliers. The remote works ok, and we have to use it exclusively now. So I put a piece of duct tape across the buttons on the TV to keep people from pressing them. So far, it seems to work until somebody rips off the duct tape .

The original recommendations in this thread were to go with Antenna Craft U4000 or Clearstream 4 to get longer range stations. I do want to try to get longer range stations to get as many possible stations as I can, like from the Charlotte area, for example.

But I noticed a new antenna from Antenna's Direct, called the DB4E. When I talked to antenna's direct on the phone, they said it was better than the clearstream 4. I just wondered, would this be a good option in my situation?

As you can see by my report, we have transmitters all over the place, not in one general direction, which is why I think the U4000 was recommended initially. But the DB4E seems to have an even wider beam width (it's 60 degrees) than the U4000 (something like 54 degrees I think).

Since this is a long, long, thread, here's the tvfool analysis link again.

The DB4E is a lot more expensive, but if it means getting a lot of extra stations from the Charlotte area it's definitely worth it in my opinion.

Thanks for any advice.
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