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Your channel groupings to the south and to the west are pretty strong and may work with an omni antenna. The advantage is, of course, that you can get multiple metros without having to re-point the antenna all the time.

The down side is that omni antennas don't have that much gain, so they're useless on the weaker, more distant stations.

Another down side is that omni antennas can't help you filter out multipath. That is, if you have lots of multipath in your neighborhood to contend with (reflections off of tall buildings, trees, hills, etc.), an omni antenna will pull it all in and this might make it difficult for your tuner to stay locked on to some channels.

If you want only the channels to your south, then an HBU-33 or HD7694P pointed that direction is all you need (no rotator).

If you go with an omni, you will probably get most of the channels to the south and west, but some of the channels might show occasional breakups (depends on how bad the multipath is in your area).

If you go with a directional antenna and a rotator, you can get pretty reliable reception from all three channel clusters (south, west, and north), but you will need to turn the antenna each time you want to watch channels from a different city.

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