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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
The HDB4X is sold as a VHF/UHF antenna, but it is primarily a UHF antenna that will pick up VHF signals if they are very strong.

If you combine the 751 and the HDB4X with a splitter in reverse, you will most likely have problems because the VHF signals picked up by the two antennas will interfere with each other at the combining point. The UHF signals from each will also interfere with each other.

If you want to use the 751 just for VHF and combine it with the HDB4X for UHF, that will work if you use a UVSJ (UHF-VHF-Separator-Joiner) to combine them. That is what GroundUrMast suggested in post #4.

Since you haven't included a signal report in this thread or told us what channels are most important to you, it isn't possible to tell you what setup might work best for your location.
You are right. I've been playing around with and getting plenty of exercise with both the DB4e and the HDB4X and in my experiments they are one to one interchangeable. What I like about the HDB4X besides it being $20 cheaper is it's slightly smaller form factor and it has a more sturdier build. I'm having a lot of fun in my later years!
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