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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
The closest to that I've seen is a double-ended VHF-High Yagi. It has the driven element in the center and directors on each end, but no reflectors.

I can't find the poster's image right now, but holl_ands did model a similar antenna:

The two directions are combined in the antenna.

This antenna IS bi-directional; it has more gain than a bi-directional dipole, but less gain than the Stellar Labs 30-2475. It still has the potential problem of co-channel interference from the two directions.
Yes it does but if you set them up right if you tock too the antenna manufactures and let them know what 2antennas you are looking to use pleas
remember that they are both hi gain ANTENNAs and the space between the two
Is very important if it was 4ft apart and find tune them by using the TV sets
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