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Red face A. D. D. Antenna distraction disorder.

Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
That top antenna would almost certainly be two antenna's
modified into one. I imagine it is NOT very efficient or
effective receiving signals 180 degrees apart. i have come
up with a much better alternative to receive UHF signals
180 degrees apart. It is much more efficient than removing
the reflector.
Hi Joe, I have to agree with you it looks like they cut two RadioShack VU160 antennas in half, joined them and called it an antenna.,Lol!

I'm not sure what they were doing, the construction looks old, it was probably done in the 60s or 70s. I just happened to catch it out of the corner of my eye do to my severe ADD. (Antenna Distraction Disorder)!

I've never seen so many different antennas in my life then in Kenosha which I have dubbed "antenna town". Also, lots of towers.

Okay, I give up what do you do to receive bi-directional without removing reflectors?

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