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Yes it's ok Pete my be next time, and what do you think about making a ANTENNA ,out of copper tubing 3/8 or 1/2 and my ,ANTENNA set up is the solid signal,2 HDB 91XG stacked side BY side 90Ft high,A G L, 20 & I have 2,STELLAR Labs #30-2476,AT 80Ft,high A G L 20,stacked side BY side, with a Ham ROTOR and,a Johansson amplifier kit that has one vhf in at 30B,and Two uhf in at 40B,SOLID copper 18Gage RG6 CABLE receive 114miles in New York city and I am in Massachusetts by Boston, now I need a low VHF ANTENNA,we'll thanks again and have a good day Pete,PS stay cool,
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