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Originally Posted by channel3or4 View Post
- They've gone all digital
- They provided household with cheap digital to analog converters
- The converter only outputs to channel 3 or 4
- The old channels including 3 and 4 just have a picture saying "Get your picture back"
- The converter doesn't have digital pass-through.
- Most channels are encrypted.
- Basic HD channels are available in ClearQAM through the cable.
- I want the HD channels via ClearQAM in the rooms with the converters
- Lowest HD channel I watch is at 7-11.


So I tried using two simple splitters to allow the digital signal to bypass the converter, but naturally I got ghosting on the converter channel. (I swear they're deliberately still broadcasting to make bypass harder)
Sorry for being dense, but I'm not sure exactly what problem you want the splitter to solve.

Are you trying to receive over-the-air channels and cable channels on the same TV set?

How are the cable company's HD channels connected into your TV? Is it using some kind of video connection (i.e., S-Video, HDMI, component video, or composite video) or is it using the same RF connector that you attach to the converter box's channel 3/4 signal?

Also note that the channel numbers shown on your screen are not necessarily the same as the actual frequencies being used to send the signal. Channel numbers are now "virtual", meaning they can be completely remapped in software (true for both ATSC and QAM). For example, a station that shows up as channel 6 on your screen, might actually be broadcasting on physical channel 44.
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