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Re-joining signals

OK, this isn't strictly this site's area, since it's cable-related but I'm thinking you can help.

- I live in Maine and have Time Warner Cable.
- They've gone all digital
- They provided household with cheap digital to analog converters
- The converter only outputs to channel 3 or 4
- The old channels including 3 and 4 just have a picture saying "Get your picture back"
- The converter doesn't have digital pass-through.
- Most channels are encrypted.
- Basic HD channels are available in ClearQAM through the cable.
- I want the HD channels via ClearQAM in the rooms with the converters
- Lowest HD channel I watch is at 7-11.
- I don't want extra costly vampires for other rooms
- I don't want additional powered hardware.
- No, sadly, I can't dump cable.

So I tried using two simple splitters to allow the digital signal to bypass the converter, but naturally I got ghosting on the converter channel. (I swear they're deliberately still broadcasting to make bypass harder)

Should I be able to use a High Low Splitter Joiner with the converter on the low side or will I need something else?

Thank in advance for any advice.
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