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My apologies if this is not being posted in the correct thread.

Due to finances I need to terminate my service with the cable companies ( can't say I am disappointed either). I have been researching what is needed for OTA reception and feel a little overwhelmed/confused. From this site I have determined that:
  • All but one station are 25 to 30 miles from my location
    All but one are within 5 degrees of one another
    According to atennaweb VHF except the one.
    The one is UHF\14 miles and in the opposite direction from the rest.
    According to this site, all fall in the color rating of Green. Antennaweb states yellow for most except a couple. i would rather over compensate my needs than the opposite
    All are LOS
    Not sure where I read it but the above staes were based on a 10 ft above ground attenna

Information Link here

Other considerations:
  • Cable run from antenna a good 30 plus ft
    Need to be split at some point to different rooms

my understanding from the above is that I need an outdoor directional VHF and a UHF omni direction antenna. My confusion comes from all the NM,Pwr and Gain info. Then there is the info on the gain from antenna vs from an amplifier, different companies etc. Without getting too technical can anyone put my needs in laymans terms?

thanks...just want to watch tv again.
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