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I am former denizen of Ottawa, and have installed more than a few antennas there, so I believe that I can help you. The National Capital District has 2 transmitter locations: Camp Fortune in Gatineau, and Herbert's Corner in Manotick. CBC, CTV Global TVO , TV% and a couple of others are in Camp Fortune, and other stations like CHRO (A channel Ottawa) CHCH, CITY and the OMMI chalnnels come out of Herbert's Corner.

CBOFT, CIII, CBC Ottawa, CJOH (CTV) will remain on VHF after the digital conversion, including CIII-Global on channel 6, the only VHF channel coming outy of Herbert's corner will be CHCH, channel 11. You can use a single broadband antenna like a Winegard HD-7082P or an Channel Master Crossfire 3679 along with a rotator, which worked well for one TV set, but is awkward if multiple TV sets are used in the house. Another option would be to use a broadband antenna like the ones listed above aimed at camp Fortune, and a VHF-high-band plus UHF antenna like a Winegard HD-7694P aimed at Herbert's Corner. Run cables from each antenna into dedicated splitters to divide the signals to your TV sets, then run cables from each splitter to each TV set, then connect the the two cabled running to each room to an A/B switch which will allow you to select the signals from each antenna. Both systems will work well, but the latter system will allow the various TV sets in the house to see signals from both antennas at all times. Early reports indicate that CIII-Global, is currently on the air in digital, but has a weak signal: you will need the Winegard all-channel antenna, the HD-7082P in order to see Global clearly.
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