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Question Canada OTA is going digital - help this newbie pick an antenna!


Canada is switching over to digital broadcast over the air. I currently have a LCD TV with a digital tuner and can receive a few channels already with rabbit ears, but having to play with the rabbit ears and re-search for every channel is getting tiresome. I need a decent antenna. What to pick?? I have no idea what is really needed.

Here's a link for my location with the antenna at 4ft (approx current height of the rabbit ears):

And this is the location with an antenna at 20ft, which I figure is the height with it in the attic.

If I could put the antenna in the attic I would feel capable of doing it myself, but if it requires a roof-mount antenna I'll be getting someone else to do it.

There's a local company that seem to stock a good supply of antennas and equipment ( - any comments on them would also be appreciated.

A couple of questions: does moving a passive antenna higher up automatically help, or does that then mean I need an amplifier/signal booster to overcome any signal loss that may occur from having to send the signal a further distance from the antenna's new location to the TV (e.g. would rabbit ears upstairs help the TV downstairs?)

Also, we only have one digital tuner TV, but if I were to add another in the future, can I just feed the antenna signal into the existing coax cabling that's in the wall for cable TV (which we don't have or use) and allow any TV to tap into that?

Thanks for answering another newbie's questions!
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