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I also found an used/old three ports splitter (one input + two 3.5 dB outputs) from my goodies bag. I think I used this splitter before I got RadioShack's five ports splitter since I got more tuners. :P Its sticker label said:
Low Intermodulation Splitter
Model 1002DWSBSCTE
6KV Surge Protected
5-1,000 MHz
-120 dB RFI
Made in China

I will try that too to see if it makes any differences in the other house's attic (just to try all rooms with TVs). Also, I found out that the attic's $25 splitter was from RadioShack. That's bad quality splitter, right?
Darn, that RMS splitter did NOT help so it is sounds like the coax cables. The one in the attic is from GE (General Electrics) and NOT RadioShack (sorry!) that was $25. FYI, I took photographs/photos. of RadioShack's and RMS' splitters: ... I can see how RadioShack's 5 ports definitely made OTA signals weaker compared to RMS' 2 ports when I did in a room for testing.

HOWEVER, we did manage to get most and stable channels (even got the missing channels like KCBS2 and stablized KTLA5) in the weak rooms with the GE splitter (wanted to keep all rooms active since RMS didn't change anything). I don't know why that worked. All we did was hook up a new Samsung 55" HDTV in the family room (the strongest and stable with about 100 channels) and move that old CRT TV with Zeinth converter box into the master bedroom (farthest room). That makes no sense. What did we do to make them work better? Or maybe we just got lucky during the late evening hours? Earlier in the day,
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