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The home owner's association can't prevent you from putting up such an antenna. When push comes to shove, the FCC laws are on your side.
The rules are different when if comes to dwellings that are not individually owned such as condos, townhouses, apartments, and the like. One has to dig into the details before making any such assessment as OTARD protections are not the same for this type of residence. Unless the proposed mounting spot falls into the resident's "exclusive use" domain, the association does have to right to prohibit placing an antenna in that location. For roofs or other cooperatively owned parts of the structure, they also have that same right (and responsibility to the other owners) to restrict access to privately owned and installed external antennas. The devil, as they say, is in the details and we are not privy to those details.

need help with antenna selection in MN. zip 55372
Pretty much any small UHF/VHF combo that is mounted in a decent location would be expected to work well provided there are no errors or oversights in the setup. Usually, such issues are due to skipping or missing a part of the setup procedure like not putting the V set into "antenna" mode or not running the channel scan properly. I define a "decent location" as one where the signals actually have a chance to get to the antenna and are not blocked by buildings, construction materials, or trees that would be expected to impair or obstruct the signals from getting to the antenna. Avoid the "UFO" type antennas when all signals come from the same direction as they tend to be very susceptible to multi-path and there's no sense in sacrificing a measure of expected reliability when not necessary.

Our usual recommendation from our product line for TVFool plots like this, in the absence of full information, would be either a C2MAX or a C2V. No amp should be needed based on the provided plot.
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