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Hi RG6er:

Welcome to the forum!

Let's start with your report for your zip code. It's more accurate with repack as the TV Fool report has not been updated for some time. And the link you provided doesn't seem to be working at the moment. (Patience please as it takes about 20 seconds to load).

You have about three stations that are showing "fair" reception (KSBY being one), a number of poor reception stations and others worse. The channel in question you're asking about is problematic due to it's low power and your actual location from its tower, and your antenna set up with the AD2V antenna you're using. It only has a single dipole for HVHF reception, so not much gain. But you're probably getting about as good reception as you're going to get. Also, if you look at the Longley-Rice map, you'll see that stations actual optimum coverage area. CAVEAT: There are Techs here that might have suggestions to help you receive the channel more reliably. I'm sure someone will chime in.

Since you have tried other options as you mentioned above, I would certainly attempt to contact the station and see if they could be of assistance. Courtesy goes along way in these situations, FWIW.

Please keep the forum updated as to your progress. I would interested in how it turns out for you.

All the best.....

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