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Assistance with VHF Hi reception.

Hello. This is my first post and was hoping someone could assist. I’ve been searching the internet looking for a possible solution to my issue but to no avail. So I decided to see if anyone on the forum had an idea.

My location: Carpinteria, CA 93013. About 11 miles from the low power VHF-HI repeater in question. The UHF channels come in fine as they are high power. Even some of the low power UHF come in good. My reception issues lies with the VHF low power repeater. The call sign is K10PV-D and it broadcasts on RF CH 10. Here is my TV Fool report

My Issues: RF CH 10 channels sometimes comes in fine randomly throughout the day. All of a sudden it will pixelate, freeze and lose signal altogether. My LG TV (2011 model) says “scrambled” or “No signal”. I tried an aftermarket tuner which shows signal strength. The signal was about 60% and the picture still pixelated or drops out, (see uploaded pic). I currently have a second indoor antenna installed and connected to a TV in the master bedroom (Samsung 2019 model). It has the same issues at exactly the same time. The Samsung TV is connected to an Antennas Direct ClearStream 1 Max

Equipment I have & tried: My current setup consists of the following:
Antennas direct 2V (installed about 15 feet above ground level), 17 feet of RG6Q cable, grounding block, 15’ of RG6Q to TV

I have tried the following items to attempt to get a better signal:
• Radio Shack FM Trap, (installed after antenna)
• Winegard Boost XT, (didn’t help too much)
• Channel Master Amplify, (didn’t help too much)
• Winegard HD7694P
• Winegard Y-7000
• CM Extremetenna 80

Each of the antennas performed about the same. And my indoor antenna does the same as the outdoor. I'm thinking my issues my be outside of my control? Does anyone have any thoughts? My next step is to try and call the station directly and see if an engineer can assist.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.
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