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Hello Annie,

I've always been a skeptic of antennas with internal amplifiers. They often bring more fuss than benefit. In your situation, you really don't need it anyhow.

My first suspect would be the antennas internal amp either flaking out or sucking in some RF harmonic that happens to be strong. I have sporatically had interference on my Antennas Direct 91XG/RCA TVPRAMP1R combo. Where it comes from I am not sure. It normally settles down after 10 - 15 minutes.

I agree with Teleview a HBU11k or ANT751 are good suggestions for you because the radio shack antenna you are using has mediocre high VHF support. You need decent high VHF support for PBS and ABC. The HBU11 and ANT751 are true high-VHF designs for good to moderate signal areas.

When you say you've changed out the antenna... with the same model? What other models have you experimented with?

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