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So I finally got on the roof today. Not one of my favorite things to do anymore. Guess I lost some nerve as I aged. Anyway, here are 3 shots from the chimney. Height is about 30 feet. I took shots in the direction of WTVW, in between where the antenna would point and finally towards WFIE, WEVV and WEHT. So basically starting West then moving right towards the South.

Looking towards WTVW

Looking towards where the antenna would point. Midway between the furthest stations.

Looking towards WFIE, WEVV and WEHT

The chimney on this old house only extends maybe 2 feet from the ridge. So the most height I could probably get is 5 foot off the ridge. So basically the height I took the pictures from.

Now comes the questions. First off I'm thinking the beamwidth of the stealthtenna I'm currently using isn't all that wide. So probably might do fine with the Winegard HD7694P at the current location. Thoughts?

My other question is about my tower. I have another 10 foot section I can add but I'm worried about needing guy wires. I currently have the tower strapped to the flat roof with 18" metal straps. THe tower is currently 4 feet above the roof. If I add another 10 foot section, would the current straps at about 15' be enough to stabilize the tower? Or should I use some guy wires?

I could easily run 2 guy wires to the east at the North and South ends of the roof. The other guy wire would have to go West and there is a utility pole there in my yard. No services on it any longer so I could anchor it there.
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