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Your chances are good.

Don't make any permanent mounting until you try a test for another location. The signal strength of a problem channel can vary according to the location on your property. It's not just because of the trees, but also because the wave front of the incoming signal might be non-uniform. The best location for the signal might not be where you want the antenna, but your plan sounds logical to me.

I was having trouble receiving CH 42 because my antenna was facing the wrong direction. I went across the street and setup a 2-bay UHF antenna, my meter, and a preamp. I was able to get a nice scan and a stronger signal with the antenna aimed at the transmitter for CH42.

Interestingly, when I moved the antenna a few feet left or right, without changing the height or azimuth, there was a big difference in the signal strength and scan quality. This is most likely because of the tree line in front of the antenna about 200 ft away which created the non-uniform field.

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